Song Lyrics/Chords always on Top?

Is there a way to have the Lyrics/Chords window always on top ?

I’m now using 1 “small” 15" touchscreen mounted on top of my keyboard stand. But when I touch next song on the setlist, the setlist view comes on top. I could switch within the Lyrics view, but with he screen so small, there is a big chance I might hi the wrong one.

Perfect option would be if one could choose to display the Lyrics/Chords instead of the Racks. Is I control my parameters from an eternal controller. Something like his:

As second screen would be another option, but I’d like to keep the amount of extra periphery as limited as possible.

Have a look in the top right corner (below the font size buttons) :wink:


Omg… :pleading_face:
I was desperately searching in “Options”, that I completely overlooked that one. And also the contrast on my screen was set a bit low, so it was easy to overlook it.
Anyway thanks for pointing that out !!

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