Some photos from Facebook

Some photos from Facebook. I’ll include the link to the corresponding posts for more info.

Brian LongLINK

Sev LewkowiczLINK

Guy MayberryLINK

Scott A. SimpsonLINK

Myron Bennell Carroll - LINK

Troy HallLINK

Wayne TapiaLINK

Wolfgang RösslerLINK

Steve EllerLINK

Russ GilbertLINK


Tony MichaudLINK

Raymond WhitlockLINK

Alex FaustLINK

Ken BoomeLINK

Klemens Klex WolfLINK


Not from Facebook, but from another forum :slight_smile:

Link: 1st gig with B3X - The Keyboard Corner - Music Player Network

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Mark Dandridge Jr. → LINK

Been eyeing this SL73 at music go round for weeks and finally pulled the trigger yesterday. I love it already and my rig is almost ready for the new year. Super compact and flexible. The biggest plus for me in Gig Performer is the Rig Manager because I’ll never know how much space I’ll have for a gig and reprogramming a different board(s) for each show was starting to be a pain.

The Crimson Marathon in Prague featuring Tony Levin, Trey Gunn, David Cross, Pat Mastelotto, Jeremy Stacey and friends. Can you spot Gig Performer? :slight_smile:

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A photo from Leo Diaz

This is based on Windows and Leo is going to test it these days with his guitar setup. His main concern is the single USB port that will need to charge, pass audio and MIDI.

Under the hood this is a quite powerful 8-core Ryzen with 16g of RAM.
It is very portable and has a touch-screen display.

ASUS Rog Ally → ROG Ally (2023) | Gaming Handhelds|#playALLYourgames |ROG Global


Have you heard how Leo is doing with this? I just picked up an Asus Rog Ally with some extra Christmas gigs and end of year royalty money that came in higher than expected. I am curious about loading it up with Gig Perfomer. The only thing keeping from trying it right now is time. It might make for a nifty little portable unit when I don’t want to (or cant) haul my full rig around.

This is the direct link: Gig Performer Official Users Group | new possibilities… | Facebook

You can join the group if you want and ask your questions. And please do share your feedback when you start experimenting! :slight_smile:

(NB: I’m still driving the traffic to this forum, but that FB group is growing rapidly and some of those users are still not on the forum)

Thanks!! Heading there now. :slight_smile: