[Solved]Variations not responding to PC messages



I’m still on the trial of gig performer and one of the key things I need to be able to do is switch variations via Midi PC message. I just can’t get it to work, I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong, but can’t figure it out. Details:

  • Line 6 Helix is connected via USB to 2017 MacBook Pro
  • I’ve programed 3 buttons on the Helix to send out PC1, PC2 and PC3 (respectively) on midi ch1.
  • I verified in the midi monitor utility that Gigperformer is seeing those separate PC messages when I step on each button.
  • I have a rig with 3 variations. I went to the properties of each of the variations and set them to receive program changes.
  • When I send the PCs from the Helix, the variations do not change.

It seems as though Gigperfomer is receiving the messages (as verified by the midi monitor utility), but the changes don’t seem to make it to the rig. What am I doing wrong?

I searched the forum and didn’t find anything exactly like what I’m asking…sorry if I missed it.


Can you please post a screen shot of what the midi monitor is displaying?


Success! I figured it out. I wasn’t sending the PC on the right bank. I added Bank 00 to the Helix footswtich along with the PC message and things work perfectly. This pretty seals the deal for me to buy the Gigperformer. It’ll be the perfect solution to add VST amp sims and most importantly my impending Fishman TriplePlay purchase.


Yes, I suspected it was a bank issue, but wanted to see a screen shot to confirm.

NB - we have quite a few Fishman TriplePlay + Helix users so hopefully they will be willing to share their experiences.


I should point out that there is a way to tell Gig Performer to ignore bank changes


Welcome to the forum! So glad you figured that out! I am one of the Helix/Variax/FTP users here and I believe that once you try using Songs in setlist to sent patch changes to your Helix, you’ll find that whole bunches of new possibilities open up for you. Prior to using GigPerformer, I used to load my relevant patches in the correct sequential running order because Line6 didn’t think it important to include a MIDI map/setlist feature, requiring you to layout your patches in a linear, sequential fashion, or tap dance to scroll thru banks and patches. It’s far more powerful having GP control the Helix because you can jump across the 8 banks in Helix instantaneously.

This has changed the way I use the Helix memory. For my regular weekly gig, I have to manage about 500 songs a year, so I have created more of a library structure. I set up four setlist banks:

Bank 1) Electrics A-M
Bank 2) Electrics N-Z
Bank 3) Atmospheric and hybrid patches (Hybrid=Variax layered Magnetic and modeled sounds)
Bank 4) Acoustics.

Then, I have other groups that I perform with periodically throughout the year. For these, I maintain two empty banks that I fill with saved setlist, rotating them in and out as needed.

Bank 5) Group B setlist.
Bank 6) Group C setlist.

Finally, in the last two setlist banks I keep my patch templates as well as a library of favorite 3rd party and factory patches I keep around as starting points or just for jamming if I am in the mood to doing something different.

Bank 7) My templates setlist.
Bank 8) 3rd party and factory patches setlist.

Another advantage to keeping setlists 5 & 6 open is that I can reload old setlists of my own if I’m looking for a particular patch from the past or if I want to compare changes I have made to a patch to an earlier state of that patch. I have an “Init” setlist that will reset the setlist to a blank state in one fell swoop.

I also have most patches saved separately as well. I export copies of new patches or changed patches to folders the night before a gig. In this way I have rendundant copies in case a patch becomes corrupt.

I use GigPerformer to send program and snapshot changes to my Helix from Song parts. That way, I only need to step through the song parts and all my synths and guitar sounds follow along beautifully. I’m doing a lot more playing and much less tap dancing!



Thanks for all of the great information. I’m definitely looking to do anything too terribly complicated. I mostly want to be able to play some of my VST amps (Mercuriall, Neural DSP), along with the Helix and (after I make the purchase) add in synth sounds from the Triple Play. I don’t play live anymore, but I still like to be able to control things with my feet, hence the MIDI question.

I was also wanting to add some sort of looping solution to the mix and came across a looping plugin called Enso by Audio Damage. Does anyone have experience with it? My thought would be to run everything through Gigperformer with Enso as the list thing in the chain so I could loop anything I want. There’s no mention of a trial on the Enso (https://www.audiodamage.com/products/ad049-enso) website so I’d just have to take the $79 plunge and hope for the best. Hopefully someone has some insight.

Thanks again.