[Solved]Newly Installed Gig Performer does not find my VSTs


Just bought it. It finds none of my VSTs (that work fine with Mixcraft). Do they have to be in a certain place? Is there a way to tell it where to look?
This doesn’t portend well…


You can set the search destinations in the plugin manager. Take a look at page 145 of the user guide :wink:


What are the plugins? Are they proprietary to MixCraft? If so, you won’t be able to load them in any other plugin host. Assuming they’re not proprietary, are they 64-bit plugins? Also, you can’t load 32-bit plugins directly into Gig Performer without using bridging software. For more info on this specific topic, please see this KB article



Good news: It finds many on my server! Bad news: The VSTs are not proprietary, but looks like they are 32-bit. Now I need to find some (cheap) 64-bit VSTs. First priority is pianos & organs, then orchestral, then synths. Where to look?


Without knowing budget, it’s really impossible to suggest stuff. There are tons of free plugins out there and then there are some superb (but not cheap) packages that will be a reasonable “all around” solution and then there are specialized plugins that are generally astonishing but rarely free


Well, looks like I’m the new guy on the block. Tonight I worked through hundreds of previously downloaded free stuff and ended up with 1 piano, 5 effects, 14 Synths, 1 synth/instrument. (I’ve wanted to get into this for many years. Lots of unpacking! But the vast majority was, no doubt 32 bit.) Going to have to test them to see what I have. I’ll be eager to hear from others on this great blog.
Thanks for all the help!


My recommendations:
For Piano - Pianoteq
For Organ - Blue 3
For E-Piano - AAS Lounge Lizard
For Vintage Synth - The Legend
Arturia Collection - many emulated synths (higly recommended to check out)


Hi Elkwood and welcome to the GP forum. :vulcan_salute:
Pianopaul already gave some hints to very good VSTs - especially the Arturia Collection has many diffrent synths and sounds to offer. But eventually they altogehther may be a bit expensive, because you actually asked for ‘cheap’ plugins.
So i’d like to point to the VSTs from Air Music (of which i think, they really are not too bad).
I once wrote a posting about how to obtain the complete collection (which would cost 400€) for less than 100€ (on legal ways!), and this special offer still persists (excep from Vacuum now costs about 14€) - to be honest, it never seems to expire. :grin:
Maybe it is of interest for you… read the post, follow the links and have a look at what the whole package contains…


I should also mention Native Instruments Komplete. It’s not the cheapest but it will actually give you a very decent collection of everything you need to get going. Their sampler, Kontakt, is pretty much the industry standard and there are tons of 3rd party libraries for it.

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In the meantime you can also use Jbridge to continue using your old 32-bit VST with Gig Performer.