[Solved] Korg nano no longer working win 10

Hi guys, abit of an emergency both my nano kontrol 2s are no longer being recognized in gp. I have installed all latest drivers etc. I have no idea what to do now and have gigs this weekend :thinking:

So i just discovered that the latest driver for korg nano kontrol 2 doesnt work in gig performer i had to install an older driver then it showed back up.

Which driver version are you using now?
Which Windows version are you on? Win10 1903?
And did other DAWs work with the newer driver?

I cant check right now but will try to tomorrow. Are u also having dramas

I’m currently considering buying a nanoKONTROL 2. So I’m very interested in functioning drivers :wink:
Also I know of other users having trouble with the Korg USB MIDI stuff on Win10.
@olive does the current version (1.15 r31e) work for you?

Sorry for your pain.

I know this comment doesn’t help you personally but for others reading this — for anyone who gigs, my rule of thumb is, never install or change anything on a computer unless you have at least 3 weeks before the next show so you have plenty of time to deal with any issues. Whether it’s Gig Performer, a new driver, a plugin, or even updating something that would seem to be innocuous such as a new photography program, one just never knows what might be the impact.

I still remember doing a “harmless” upgrade from OS X 10.9 to 10.10 and then discovering that Apple broke aggregated audio interface support, something that is critical for my own setup. Took me weeks to recover from that and luckily I had a backup computer.

There’s a reason why many musicians are still running Windows 7 or OS X 10.9 (which is six years old).

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Well i have had no dramas up untill probably the may update but seems to work with an older driver which u can get on korg website.

No that is the version where it all went bad

Thanks @dhj i have learnt a valuable lesson today and i will take that advise on about the updates. Luckily i managed to get it working with an older driver again. :grinning:

Yes, a big “phew” — just not a fun way to learn that particular lesson😉

What is the specific version that does work properly, so that others may know?

Also, did you report the issue to Korg?

I cant remember the version as im not in front of computer but i just installed the oldest driver version on the korg website for windows 10.

Yes, it is working fine.