Softube Amp Room and Marshall Amps: Changing Presets

Happy New to all of you…!!!

I have purchased Softube’s Amp Room and Marshall 2203 plugin. The normal method of mapping plugin controls to widgets works just fine. Please remember, to use the VST2 version and not VST3, as no audio passes in the “3”.

With my NeuralDSP plugins, I can change presets within the plugin by mapping the preset to a CC command. Works beautifully with my FCB1010.

But I can find no way to change presets in Amp Room or the Marshall plugin.

Also Amp Room has MIDI capability, and again I actually can not find any information on exactly what the functionality is…!!!

Thanks for any ideas and help.

I haven’t dug through their literature, but reading through the Amp Room page on Softube, I don’t see the word MIDI mentioned once. That’s not a good sign.

Maybe…I’d rather see the term “host automation” though

Hi All…

I can get all the settings I need to work via host automation. That bit is OK.

Just can’t work out how to change presets.

I thought the variations may work, but changing a preset carries to everything.


Variations are GP widget presets, they only hold widget positions not the plugin presets. In some specific situations you can assign a widget to the preset change function of the plugin.

Please really consider rather using a. Rackspace than any kind of plugin preset changes (sending PC to the plugin or using host automation to change a preset).


Once again, thank you for your Best Practice advice.

Happy New Year to you…!!

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