Softstep 2

Just bought a Softstep 2 controller. Started learning/programming it. I’m very excited about all the possibilities with all the XY pressure and mod options. This thing is a beast! I’m having a real work flow problem however, setting up/using it with GP in Windows. I’m using it Standalone mode. Port shows up, NP. However, while its connedted to the Advanced Editor, it is not possible to get midi into GP. I have to exit the Editor, then unplug and replug the USB, then I can get midi into GP. I have a bad feeling its a “windows thaaang”, but I hope I’m wrong! LOL

Needless to say, with all the tweaking and adjusting needed in the SS2 Adv Editor, this makes it a real pain to test any changes. Each time having the exit the SS editor, unpug/replug… Is there a workaround this? I saw guys on youtube using the Editor in Standalone mode with Ableton, making adjustments, sending it to SoftStep and its immediately working in Ableton. Interestingly, the SoftSteps port is green in Rig manager, but no midi is coming in in the global midi monitor (until I would quit editor and replug USB).

It’s more likely to be a single-client vs multi-client issue on Windows than anything else. If you saw it working with Ableton while the editor was open, then it was either a multi-client device driver for the audio/midi interface or it was a Mac (which is multi-client by default).

I checked and yeah he was using a Mac. But this is just a midi controller. No audio involved. I think I have read that you have used the SoftStep2 midi controller. I guess its still the case?

I think I found a workaround. If anyone is having similar issues with SS2, it might help… For live use, it is recommended to use the Standalone Mode, so that’s what I was trying to get to work. But, just for programming/tweaking at home, I created a new rig in Rig Manager where using “hosted mode” in SS2 allows me to output my settings to virtual midi out blocks. I can set this “rig” to the same midi controls, then switch to the other standalone rig when playing live. Prior to which of course, the presets created in “hosted mode” have to be copied to the “standalone mode”.

Just grew a whole new appreciation for the rig manager!!! :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter — in the Windows world, if the interface doesn’t support multiple clients, only one application can access MIDI ports (as well as audio ports)