Small gig needing mono keys

Whats the quickest way to convert your whole gig file to mono

What does Mono mean?

Use only 1 output of your audio interface?
Or convert all Audio to Mono and send it to your audio interface?

Yeah ive never had to think about it i guess. If i was only to use one output on my audio interface and i have rackspaces that have panned sounds then stuff would be missing. I just thought maybe a feature that would sum all rackspaces to mono would be cool. I dont know if that would be possible.

Try this:

In Audio settings of Gig Performer enable 1 output.
Then load the gig, you should be asked if you want to use virtual channels.

Maybe that helps.

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Ok i will give this a try. Thank you

Most likely this trick will not work as it works if you have available at least one stereo output and was designed to allow you to work when you don’t have a real interface connected, but still have at least one stereo output pair.

Try simply dropping a MONO gain control and connecting everything to it, then route that mono gain control to the channel you want. Everything will be summed to one mono channel and you will have control over the loudness which may need to adjust after summing things.

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Another option could be this:
Use virtual audio like Blackhole on Mac or similar on windows and send your audio to that virtual interface.
Then in the 2nd instance of Gig Performer place a Mono Gain and route Audio from Input to the Mono Gain and then to the real Audio Out.