Small custom display

Here’s a little weekend project I threw together using an Arduino and some mini oled screens. I have a template rackspace I use that has four faders and although they are usually pretty consistent they do vary depending on the song. I may have a sax or strings or other instruments and can’t always remember what’s where. I wrote some GP script that sends a sysex message to the device with the label from each widget so whenever I switch rackspaces the displays update. This sits on my keyboard next to a x-touch mini so I know what encoder controls what.


I was going to do five displays because that’s what I had on hand but my router malfunctioned (or operator error :slight_smile: ) and milled through the traces of the last display. Oh well, I really only needed four anyway.


Great stuff. Please keep us posted with any updates. :slight_smile:

Better to lose a display ratherr than something else that you need 5 of!

True LOL, I’ve tried forever to get my levels right but it always seems that things go south during a gig, It’s either the lead guitar player that seems to just get louder and louder as the night goes on or the crowd noise but seems like I always need to adjust “something” in the mix. I’m the only one that has to switch from guitar, to piano, to organ, to sound effects during the show it’s a burden but I truly love it! Especially with Gig Performer that has made it soooo much easier.