SIMPLE mp3 file player needed

First post! A real newbie!
Tried searching for what im looking for specifically and cant seem to find it.
I need to play same sounds (1-2 seconds) in various songs. Stored as .mp3 or .WAV files, and able to be assigned to a pad on the midi controller. What is the easiest and quickest way to add that to my rackspace? Its seems like the auto sampler is for pulling sounds from other vsts and such or creating long sounds.
Any help is appreciated.

Use a vst sampler like Kontakt or battery or decent sampler

Something like this: [Gig] 8X Soundboard
(if you need something simple, of course)

If there are many sounds, then take a look at the recommendations above.


Yes, you can do that with the the Audio File Player in GigPerfomer. I have rackspaces with up to five wavs or mp3s assigned to the pads of my M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61.


Thanks for all the quick responses!!
I appreciate the suggestions. Are there any tutorials on adding this function out there? Again, I’m new to GP and still learning how to get everything set up.
So I figured Id ask for something more specific.

This looks like what I need - Never installed a .gig file yet - where do these go?


Download the gig file and load it in gig performer
You can save the gig file wherever you want.

Have you looked through the extensive documentation at all to understand the capabilities?


I’ve been happy with the free version of this (triggering sound effects):

(Someone mentioned you don’t have much control of envelope note off etc. But, for my purposes it has worked fine).

I figured for this quick thing it would be easy to ask the forum for help instead of trying to read through all of the “extensive documentation”. Thanks for the reminder though.