Showing plugin preset name on rackspace panel?

Maybe this is a general Plugin topic. Today I was trying to get the current preset name of a Arturia B3 (e.g. “Jazz Organ”) or a Korg Triton (e.g. “M1 Organ”) and show it by a text or tape label widget. But it seems, that the plugins do not provide this information (or I have the wrong understanding…).

How would you readout a preset name of any instrument (or FX) plugin and show it on your panel?



When a plugin does not provide this information as a parameter, I think it will not be possible.

Hm, I’ve not seen any plugin providing this information at all :thinking:

So I have to do this manually :frowning:

I’m currently in the process of duplicating some rackspaces, where the main difference is the name of the used plugin preset - so it would be helpful to show this automatically to get an better overview.

I also don’t see an approach to do this by GPscript :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why not just use a text widget and write down the preset name?
Or do you change presets on the fly?

It’s possible to show the GP rackspace name automatically in a text label widget using GP Script e.g. so if you duplicate a rackspace and change its name - the widget will automatically update.

That’s the way I will go now. But I also know myself: I definitely will change a preset in the future and not manually sync my label widget :wink:

I don’t change on the fly - but sometimes I’m browsing through my rackspaces to find something similar, so this could visually help…

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OK, thx, good to know - maybe I could need this in future. But currently I don’t need the rackspace name to show up on a widget, but the name of a plugin preset…

It’s very rare (at least in my plugins) but if it exposes its preset names to the host, then GP Script can read them. If you use the GP menu in the top-right of the plugin window, and you can see preset names listed e.g.

Otherwise, you’re out of luck.


I don’t type in the preset name. I type in the name of the song, which exactly matches the same song as stored in my iPad. So when I call up say “Vincent”, Then GP automatically changes to the correct rackspace and “Vincent” shows on the GP main page

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Can you show this? I’ve searched for this example.

For rackspace name, the way to do this now is to use the ‘System Actions’ plugin. Add it to rackspace and map a text label widget to the dedicated parameter:


Thank you so much for the “System Actions” plugin idea. I see I have Rackspace / Variation as well.

Hi guys,
I read here that such a GP script could exist and I’m really interested. My dream would be, in one text label widget, to have automatic preset name display and automatic “open plugin window” when we clic on the text label widget. Is there already something existing like that? If a script genius comes here… :hugs:

Gig Performer as a plugin’s host can only “see” what a plugin is exposing as a parameter to the host (like filter cutoff, ADSR values, etc…).
As far as i know and what i’ve seen so far, most plugins don’t expose the patch names - so in this case Gig Performer has no chance to get that name. Sad but true!

But you could use the Gig Performer’s internal functionality to store a plugin’s settings (=patch) as a so called “Gig Performer User Preset”, and since this is happening internally, we can read this kind of preset’s name (and do even some more things) by using GP script. But this also means, you’d have to store each preset you want to use manually as a Gig Performer User preset.
See also the docs:
Plugin Editor More menu (

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Ok, thank you for your answer.

Yes, it would double the act on every preset creation: once in the plugin it self, and a second time as a GP preset, not really satisfying…

On the 2 main plugins I use, I can see the Program Change list:

Could it be possible to use this name for an automatic name retrieving?

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I cross checked the GPScript functions list and there actually is a function called “GetPresetName()”… so it might well be that we can read a preset’s name as long as the presets are listed in the menu you showed… worth a try!