Showing levels instead of Omnisphere GUI

In some Rackspaces, in the back view, double clicking on Omnisphere showing levels instead of Omnisphere GUI. What’s going wrong?

Omnisphere is going wrong — it’s being asked to display its plugin editor and it can’t/won’t for some reason. In such cases, we just bring up a default editor that has every parameter (under the covers, every parameter in a plugin goes from 0.0 to 1.0)
As far as I know, if you use the VST version of Omnisphere, this problem doesn’t occur.

VST works.

What version of Omnisphere are you using?

With GigPerformer 2.6.0 and Omnisphere 2.5.1 the AU-Version is working - sometimes ;-(

I am in contact with Spectrasonics.

Did you get a response from Spectrasonics?

I face the same issue with Keyscape and a reboot does not solve the problem.

It still works OK in Logic, so I think it must be a GP issue.

What version of Omnisohere are you using?

Unfortunately that is not a correct inference. There are many plugins that will work fine with one or more hosts but not with one or more other, generally because those others required more complete implementation of the plugin API that the plugin developer did not accommodate or handle properly.

Not pointing fingers at any particular plugin.

I built a new gig and loaded omnisphere au version.
GUI opened fine.
Then I loaded omnisphere VST into the same rackspace,
VST GUI opened fine.
The I opened the AU GUI and now only levels were shown
I know that omnisphere hates to be used in mixed versions.
I recently updated omnisphere to the latest version.

I am using Keyscape Software version 1.2.0.c.

It could be the mix thing, I will check that I don’t have that situation.

I have the same exact problem with Spectrasonics Om and KeyScape. I will gladly switch to the VST version but I didn’t log the patch name in a database or anywhere so I don’t know what the patch is, and I love the sound. Is there a way to figure out what the name of the patch is? I just have a list of parameters, but no indication of the original patch.

Same problem with Keyscape. I would like to know the exact patch I used and I usually edit almost everything. I will only use VST from now on.