Showing custom widget caption in Lemur

this used to work, but it stopped…i don’t know what happened, it stopped working several months ago and i haven’t had the chance to look at it until now.

i want Lemur to show my custom widget captions under their custom buttons. now all i get is a “-” in the labels under the buttons on my iPad, where it says “Name” in the template.

so how do i tell Lemur that i want it to display the custom caption for my widget in the text object?

there’s a great deal here that i don’t understand, about OSC, Lemur, scripting, etc…this is all copied and modified from the original GP Lemur template, altered to resemble my Roland FC-300 foot controller.

Are you using GP2 or GP3. The OSC stuff has changed a bit for Lemur (it’s actually much better now)

i’m on GP3 now (but the names disappeared while still on GP2). the functionality is still there (buttons display, faders move), it’s just the labels that are not working.

i do have an issue with polarity of buttons. in some rackspaces switches need to display the opposite of their state so that the normal state of a plugin is on but its button shows “off.” i can get this to work in GP just fine of course, but it would be nice to be able to send an inverse value to Lemur in some way. there’s a workaround by creating another button with no function except to send its state to Lemur. so, not a huge priority, but maybe something for the future…

Probably the right way to do is to define some new OSC names for such buttons and then use the scripting system in Lemur to detect those particular button names and display the appropriate text

that will take some study…

in terms of my original question, can someone help me to get the caption of a widget and display it in a text box in lemur on my iPad?

i know you’re a bit busy, dhj…hola to turnidge and trey etc…

I recall this tread, down the middle might help?

Greetings from NAMM

If you have created your own text box in Lemur, you have to create a script function in Lemur that responds to an incoming OSC message thst represents the caption.

For example, if you have a widget in GP with an OSC handle, Knob1 and the caption is piano then GP will send out the message

/Knob1Name piano

You have to create a script in Lemur that responds to the message /Knob1Name which will then access the argument and then set the label attribute of your textbox

@keyman, thanks for your help - at the moment this is beyond my scripting capability! @dhj, your help is slightly less beyond my understanding of scripting and lemur, so i might be able to make something of it. these boxes used to show the text without any scripting required, too bad for me that this changed…but rest assured, GP works great for me anyway.

OK - turns out the problem was that Tony had created his own template using the original template we created for GP2. In GP3, the template was modified significantly and the messages sent out from Gig Performer are slightly different, to take advantage of Lemur scripting capability. So if you’re using GP3 and want to create your own Lemur template, you need to refer to the new one we created rather than using the older version.