Sharing my Organ Rackspace


I´m glad to share this rackspace with widgets that can be mapping to organ vstis. You can import the first file to your Gig or use the second one (named.gig) and open it all in a new Gig.

Be free to adapt to your needs.

Best regards,
Marcelo Gesualdi.

HAMMOND_2.rackspace (1.7 MB)
Hammond.gig (1.8 MB)


Very nice work!

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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I especially like that vintage color scheme… cool! :+1:



I just checked the rackspace and see that you send audio to the Global rackspace.
So, is it possible that you share the whole gig file? (the Global rackspace is included there)

Kontakt and B-3X owners (you used these plugins) would be grateful for a “double-click-and-play” type of approach :slight_smile:


Yes! I made some small improvements.

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Great stuff, I see that you updated your first post.

Hammond.gig (1.8 MB)

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