Setup guide for 1st time big touring project

Hi there! We initially set up this tour using 2 Muse Receptors. After 5 years we transitioned over to Little Professor running on 2 Heavy Digital Audio rack mounted PCs. It’s a massive set using 3 instances of Omnisphere (with 8 channels each), 3 Kontakt (with 16 channels each), KB4, a couple of small elec piano and bass plugins etc… The way it is set up now is that everything is loaded and ready to play on specific midi channels - so my patch changes on the keyboard just mute and un-mute midi channels. I need some guidance regarding how to initially set this up in GP as well as what may or may not be possible. Thanks so much!

Hi, Gig Performer is able to do like you describe.
But it would be better to organize your plugins in rackspaces.
This keeps the setup clean and not too complicated.
With patch persist you can seamless switch between your sounds.
And with predictive load you will never face CPU or RAM problems.
You know some plugins consume CPU even when not used :wink:


Welcome to the GP community! @pianopaul makes some great points.

I would caution you to not think in terms of accomplishing ‘exactly’ the same thing you are doing in Little Professor in Gig Performer. I started out that way when transitioning from Brainspawn Forte’ to GP. That approach slowed down my overall progress as I tried to basically duplicate the exact same thing, but the two applications are very different. Instead, think of what your overall goal is in terms of songs, transitions, etc…

With GP, you don’t HAVE to have everything loaded at the same time and there are much better ways to manage your resources. Likely, with a properly set up gig in GP you could use less beefy rackmount PCs than you built and still accomplish the job very well.

BTW: I love the nick you picked for yourself for the forum, I can hear the airplane engine cutting in and out in my head as I type this. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have that sampled into Kontakt…


Thank you PianoPaul! So, are you suggesting instead of having 3 instances of Omnisphere (for example) with 8 channels each open to choose sounds from - you would have 24 different Omnisphere’s open to choose each separate patch? Sorry, but this is what I’m trying to get my head around during the initial setup… Thanks again!

Thanks so much Mr X! Unfortunately, this gig has been going for 10 years and needs to continue in the exact same manner (regarding the sounds/patches/performance) so I need to set it up in basically the same way… I will start experimenting with the setup and get back with you for sure if that’s ok. I’m still confused how increasing the number of plugins open within the set will actually decrease the cpu usage or load times… but, I’m just getting started with GP so that’s why I was asking - lol. Yes, MAS*H did have an influence on me as a kid…:wink: Thanks again and any and all advice is welcome! Cheers

Depends :wink:

It is easier to build some rackspaces with the plugins you need at the same time and switch that rackspaces when needed.


That’s the point, you don’t have more open at the same time, but rather instead you only use the necessary plugins for each rackspace. Instead of using switches to ‘mute/unmute’, you move through the set moving from rackspace to rackspace, ideally in setlist view.