Setup for guitarists

I’m a guitarist for the past twenty years. Test every setup a guitarist could imagine. Various brand of multifx pedal, racks units, analog stomp boxes, and so on. On the year 2010 I discover various guitar vst’s that emulate guitar amps and fx pedals. To name a few, amplitube, guitar rig and so on. Because I was impressed by the sound of these vst’s, I wanted to use it in a live situation. At that moment I had the hardware technology to accomplished that. But, at that moment there’s no software to bridge my guitar with the computer and vst’s. At that time I had to use like 4 type of software to accomplished what gigperformer do. At that moment I use ableton live in conjunction with midiox, virtual midi ports, and bome midi translator. Gigperformer can do it what all this 4 software do. After 10 years of experimenting I must said that yesterday on the service at the church, I played my guitar with a gigperformer setup. The experience was amazing in terms primarily for the sound, the ease of connecting the gear. Everything runs smoothly.

In terms of gear I’m using the Boss GT-10 because when you connect it to the laptop, the PC see it like and audio interface. In addition, and this is a plus, the Boss GT-10 works at the same time like a midi controller.


Thank you Luis for sharing this! :slight_smile: