Setup for fixed IPs (Mac) with OSC Broadcast

I’ve kind of almost got there, but now hitting some issues so thought I would leverage the combined knowledge of the GP community…

I use a racked Mac Mini for my live use. I have a dedicated router connected to said Mac Mini that I would like to use for all OSC comms. I would like fixed IP addresses for: Mac Mini, iPad, Android phone. I would also like the Mac to connect to the internet via WiFi when required (at home basically).

I have the Mac Mini set up so I can access my home Wifi and the dedicated router at the same time - works great. I have set fixed IP addresses for each device. If I connect GP specifically to one of these devices with it’s IP then I get OSC comms. However, I wish to be able to send from GP to both the iPad and phone at the same time so then tried broadcast ( and I get no OSC on any device… Going back to a fixed device IP then OSC is OK again.

SO basically stuck at why broadcast doesn’t work but the fixed IPs do. I would imagine it might be something to do with how I have fixed the IPs? I have done this via the router and can confirm that the correct ones are seen on the iPad and Android phone. On my Mac in Network settings I have set the router to have DHCP with Manual and have set the desired Fixed IP. As said, that all seems to work in anything but broadcast mode.

I am NOT an expert on networking so likely have done something wrong - any pointers to what might be wrong appreciated!


What is the mask of the network this address is in?

Furthermore: is the sender (GP) in the same network? If not, then it depends on the router whether directed broadcasts are allowed. Most routers will block normal broadcasts anyway (which is a good thing).

Hmmm, yes, I think you might be on to something. It was a while back I set it up but hadn’t really gotten round to using it until yesterday. I remember I changed something with the masks and had “made a note” to change it back. I’ll have a look tomorrow and will report back…. Thanks!