Sets within set lists

Currently the set list is a list of songs, but when using a Korg, I used to make some ‘fake songs’ to denote the start of set 1, 2 and 3 (and the nonplayed songs after ’ end of gig’ ).

Should I do the same in GP to know when a new set starts, or is there an alternative solution or better practice/convention?

Why not create different Set Lists?

Because I have to load different set lists when the band decides to change a song in a set (typically happens at the end of a gig). And loading takes several minutes normally.

That’s the way I do it.
I have one completely empty rackspace that I associate to fake songs called
------ 1. Set --------

------ 2. Set --------

------ Bonus -------

------ Backup ------

The only rackspace I use in more than one song :slight_smile:
Each other real song has it’s own rackspace.

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Thanks for this confirmation … I will use then a similar approach.
Although I try to use variations for rackspaces which are generic (like one for hammond/piano, strings/piano etc) … my gig file is already like 70 MB.

Seems odd to me make pseudo set lists in a single set list. Why not just make a set list for each set?

You can always switch to “All Songs” and use the find function to quickly find and select a song that is not in your current set list.

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That’s also a good idea … I need to think if I want my keyboard/touch pad to be accessible … but if so, then it could work.

My laptop is hidden remotely in the side fill of the stage. I want the audience to see a musican, not a computer nerd. They don’t have a clue what we are doing with GP. Laptop? Ok, must be a pure mp3 playback guy …
Once the gig is loaded during sound check I close the lid and don’t interact with the laptop for the whole show, 4 hours long. Song names are displayed on a small unobtrusive Android tablet by TouchOSC.
I can step song by song with a button on my MIDI controller.
How could I switch setlists by MIDI or OSC? Without having to fiddle around at my laptop?

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FWIW I also have “fake songs” named SET 1, SET 2, SET 3 and EXTRAS. They all point to a basically empty rack space that also sets my hardware keyboard to an empty program.

This has worked relatively well for me.


Yes, I do recall you mentioning your laptop being offstage before so I do understand your use case.

There are GPScript functions to select setlist that could be used but in your case wouldn’t seem to accomplish much but added complexity.


Talkin to myself: A quick search of GPScript funtions showed ways to switch setlists by scripts and thus, commands. So it is possible. But more complicated than some fake songs to structure my setlist.

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Actually, not offstage, but maybe I’m going to place the keyboard (with a stand) in between two keyboard, and the screen being in front of me 45 degrees tilted … but I need to do some testing if that’s safe enough (mostly we play on not too big stages, and I would hate some guitar neck knocking over my laptop.

I’m not too lazy to write some script if it would work better … iterating through 50 songs with a button is also a bit cumbersome (especially when not ordered in alphabetic order, typically in a gig) :slight_smile: