Setlist/songlist preview or overview via OSC

Hi I’m using OSC to view Rackspace Name on an iPhone on onstage, works great.
However I’d like to be able to be able to either view the entire current setlist/songlist or at least ‘next song’.
I haven’t been able to find a way to do that. I’m using Bandhelper to achieve that now but would prefer to keep it all in GP/OSC for faster setup purposes and simplicity.

Any help appreciated thanks!


Do you know this OSC commands?

/GigPerformer/GetSetLists             Get the list of setlists

/GigPerformer/SelectSetList <int>     Select the given setlist by index (0-based)

/SetList/GetSongList                  Get the list of songs for the current setlist

/SetList/GetSongParts                 Get the list of parts for the current song (deprecated)

/Song/GetSongParts                    Get the list of parts for the current song

In terms of the messages sent out by GP:


Thanks for the quick and informative response! I have a list like that but it didn’t have those items. Must be an older list?
Onward and upward. Much appreciated.