Setlist convert to gig file

Is there an easy way to convert a short setlist from a larger gig file into its own gig file so it loads quicker live?

Did you read the manual?

Yes but it saves all the rackspaces from the large file to the newly designed gig file. I want to design a new gig file with only the rackspaces needed for those few songs…to quicken load time…just wondering if there was a one button solution …

I’d simply copy that gig file and then remove all unnecessary setlists and rackspaces from it.

Or Export all setlist songs and then import them into a new gig file.

There is no one button solution.

I did a test, created a gig with 4 rackspaces
Created a set list “A” and created 1 song called “A”
referenced the 2nd rackspace to the song part
Then I created a gig from set list

When I import the newly created gig only this referenced rackspace exists and only this 1 song.

So I cannot reproduce the issue you have.

Does the Global rackspace routing remain?

Yes the global routing is saved in the new gig

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Thank you, I’m not at my computer to check.

So, does this work for you?

Yes there’s always a workaround. Was just wondering if there was a one button thing. All goood thanks!

I showed you the on button thing, does it not work for you?

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