Set up gig performer for vocal recording in ableton

So i installed gig performer and i seen many videos how to set it up but for some reason my ableton is not receiving signal from gig performer when i try to say something in my mic i have tried to set input of gig performer to a application called voicemeeter and when i select my output to my usb ( audio interface) it has a error ! But anyway i think i still somehow did receive a signal in my ableton but im getting all kinds of delays that i was not expecting im just a noob trying to figure this out and recording my vocals to ableton using autotune and processing is the best way but i want to do it without getting any delays to my vocals when i recording , i saw a video of decap where he is doing the exact same thing with his vocals ! Also i am using a cheap interface from behringer um2 that doesn’t come with a software is that causing the problem ? I just confused any help would be really appreciated

What version of GP are you running?

Your audio interface needs to support multiple audio clients otherwise only one application can use audio at a time.

Please check out this article: Gig Performer | How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows