Set of chimes vst

Some drummers use a set of chimes on a T stand in their drum kit for occasional use for special FX. Can any one suggest a vst that can give the same sound both up and down i.e. left and right?

Try this, all wav files, up and down samples and cluster and effects,
You should find what you need.
You could load that in the Audiofile Player and trigger that with a widget.

Or load it into battery (Native Instruments) or Kontakt or whatever Sampler VST you have

I like bar chimes too, I was close to buy some in the past… but what for… :grimacing:

IK’s SampleTank 4 has a few selections.

There are a lot of free plugins for that.
My favorite one for this kind of sounds (and for most of others) is Dexed (lot of chimes sounds in it).
But this is mainly because it reminds me of my DX7 in the early 1980s. :grinning:

I’ve put together “Night fever” by The Bee Gees. At the end of the line that reads “controlling my mind and my soul” chimes are heard. And the sound appears elsewhere in the song too.

I never sold mine :wink:


if I were a keyboardist I would never have sold it to buy some good guitars and amps. :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

I sold mine to my drummer who still has it. But I still have a rack of TX816’s…and a Polymoog.

So DX7 1st version?
I still have mine :wink: and a DX100, TG77 and FS1R, the later an awesome 1U sound source…

The problem with keyboards is not (only) the money, but the place to keep them, I still have about 14 keyboards instruments here and there :grimacing::innocent:


Yes, the very first version, at this time we played it together with a Roland JX-8P and a D50 and sometimes also with an Axis-1 keytar (for TV shows and in larger bands). Still have about 14 keyboards instruments, but I don’t count the few AKAI S1000 racks I still have. :innocent:

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Not only does the synth itself take up space, but the 15,000 sound cartridges available for Dexed would fill a lot of cupboards if they were DX7 cartridges…

I already used an Atari ST and TT to send libraries found on BBS via SysEx :wink:

Ohh fun times back in the day with real keyboards! We seem alike, I also keep many, many keyboards; also have a JX-8P (honestly love it!) might do a GP_ project with it :face_with_monocle:

I haven’t sold that many gear, although once had a great offer and sold my D50… still have a D550 :wink:
Let’s see do you have a JD-800? more Roland? or Yamaha? or Korg?

Once I started with the S1000, I played a lot with sampled sounds and often sampled synth sounds from my own synths. But preparing a gig with GP is a dream comparing to what I had to do on my master keyboard to download the next “Rackspace” from my SCSI shared drive. I had several S1000, but could mostly only play one at a time while another was downloading. No predictive loading at this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Still have my DX-7 (1st version) though it’s due for a battery change. I installed the Grey Matter Response "E! update to it that made it a formidable controller for the time, plus has some controller features still not found on most controllers (example: send only the top note of a chord out over midi, or bottom note out only).

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Nice! that is a fun trick :wink: