Set limits on faders and use your midi block filters to avoid losing sounds when playing live

Avoid a no sound situation by setting the min/max limits on any widget controlling volume of your sounds. This will still give you some limited control over sounds via the panel when playing live, but won’t allow sounds to be completely turned off leading to panic while trying to figure it out on the fly.

I made the mistake of having a master volume widget for my rackspace and it got turned off either by a midi controller or me bumping the mouse while playing. After spending half the song pulling USB cables and restarting GP, I later realized what happened and immediately removed that fader.

I still have faders for individual sounds in my rackspace, but I’ve set the min amount to 40% and the max to 60% so I can’t change it too drastically.

Another gotcha can be not using the Midi In block filters. I check off everything but Note On/Off by default unless something specific is needed. If I need sustain, I set up a separate Midi In Block with just sustain enabled and patch that in to any Instrument block I need it on.

For IT professionals, this is similar to the Firewall Rule strategy of Deny All, then only allow what you absolutely need as needed.


Off topic: In a firewall 99% of the time, the deny rule must be the last in the list, although ‘deny any any’ as the first rule is very, very safe. Removing power from the firewall is even better :grin:


That is true. Was speaking generally as far as the concept of locking it down and only allowing the essential traffic through. Not the best analogy probably :sweat_smile:

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