Sending sustain information to Lounge Lizard from a different control

I’ve moved my sustain pedal from the default sustain jack on my Arturia Keylab 88 to the expression jack. I did this so I could do partial pedaling on my PIanoteq VST and the sustain input on the Keylab can’t output any values except 0 and 127 (really, Arturia?).

I want to control my Lounge Lizard EPs sustain with the same pedal. However, the Lounge Lizard interface doesn’t appear to expose the sustain function. I’m assuming that all I have to do is send values for CC 64 to control the sustain. But I can’t figure out how to create a control that modifies CC 64 and sends it to the Lounge Lizard plugin.

I’m assuming I’m missing something obvious but I’m stumped. All suggestions welcome.



Hi Ezra,

there are some ways to do that.
You can Midi Learn your expression pedal to a widget and then map the widget to a Midi In and send CC 64 (Sustain) (this is an entry in the parameter list of the Midi In Plugin at the end of the list).

Or you could try to use a Midi Filter Plugin and Map incoming Expression to Sustain.

Or you use scripting… but you should try the 2 options above first.

When this all is not working for your, feel free to ask.

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Thanks, Paul-

Changing it at the MIDI In worked like a charm. Perfect. -Ezra

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I’ve asked the Lounge Lizard people to support sustain via host automation, it would make this problem trivial — feel free to reach out to them and make the same request :slight_smile:

Already did. :slightly_smiling_face: