Sending Song Select Message from Song Script


When I select a Song in Setlists view I would like to send a song select MIDI message out (to a port that has a Handle).

I notice that there is a facility for sending MIDI messages when a Song Part is selected (e.g. the Intro), but I do not want to send the Song Select MIDI message every time I might select the first part. I just want to send it once when the Song (i.e. any Song Part in the Song) is selected after being elsewhere (e.g. in another Song).

Would the Song Script be a/the place to do that?

If so, I’m sure it’s a very short script, but I don’t know what event to key it on. So, if anyone could provide that script that would be great, else guidance if there is some other or better way to accomplish the goal.


Why not just duplicate the song part and have the new part have the MIDI messages you want to send? Then you simply choose the original part if you don’t wish to send the messages.

Well, the only time I want to have the Song Select MIDI message go out is when I arrive into the song from outside of it.

I want to be able to switch between song parts, any of the song parts back-and-forth, and never have that message go out again. (until/unless I leave the song and re-enter it)

And if I can avoid it I also don’t want an “extra” part in the list just for the sake of being a Song Select MIDI message holder/sender. I’d prefer if every song part were an actual song part.

The desired logic is “do this once, at or prior to the beginning of the Song” I’m thinking this should be possible, and probably is (with Script?).

A script can do that