Sending Program Change message to ForScore

I would like to have GP4 send program change messages to ForScore for each song in my setlist. I’m running both GP and ForScore on the same MacBook Pro. Both apps say that this can be done, but all my searching only returns advice on how to do so via iPad, OSC, etc. None ever talk about sending midi between apps internally.

On the GP side: I dbl-click the song in the setlist, and set the program change number I’d want sent for that song. I’ve also set the midi channel and midi song select on under Global Midi options (just another guess, of oh so many!)

I run Midi Monitor (not the internal GP one) to watch for the messages. None ever show from this setup.

Going under Wiring and adding a Midi-out makes no sense since wiring is not for a song, and I use those rackspaces for several songs. But, as an experiment, I did add a midi-out and sent program change message, which did, sort of, send a midi message that Midi Monitor saw.

I feel like this is a pretty common, and should be basic, thing to do. And I doubt I’m the only one who wants to do this, and doesn’t have an iPad (or the budget to get one).

I think I’m missing something simple, but have run out of ideas.

I didn’t realize forScore was available for the Mac. I just got it and took a quick look. As far as I can tell, they don’t support local MIDI ports, not even the built-in IAC ports (which they really should support). So there’s no way for them to communicate with another application that supports MIDI (such as Gig Performer).

You should reach out to the forScore people about this – I’m surprised by the omission.

Any recommendations on another app to show pdf’s and will work with GP?

Well, there’s a program called Gig Performer that can do it :innocent:


Thanks, I’ll look at ChordPro again!

I’m using MobileSheets, which was recommended here in the community, and it works beautifully with Gig Performer. What I like about MobileSheets was that I have several hundred PDF files - I only had to point Mobile Sheets to the folder where my PDF files were, and it’s almost near instantly imported into the program.
The you can create a Set List and add the MIDI information to each song, so when you choose a song in the MobileSheets Set List, it sends a Program Change to Gig Performer, which changes to the corresponding song in your GP Set List. :slight_smile:

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Using this link: Gig Performer | Converting PDF files for use with Gig Performer ChordPro
to get the conversion for pdf to chordpro, I get the following message when trying to open PDFToGPChordPro:

“PDFToGPChordPro” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

Right-click and do Open With…

Your security settings are preventing it from being opened directly

I’m assuming you mean to right-click on the .zip file.

No good. Open with has 3 options. 2 are un-archivers, both end up with the same result. 1 was open with App Store, which results in app “not available in your region”.

No - based on your earlier report, it sounded like you were able to unzip the program with no problem. If you cannot open the zip file to extract the application, then that’s a completely different issue.