Sending PC on song part change?

Im seeking to send out Program Changes according to the song part numbers. I found this:

For Song changes, I can plain assign a program change number that is sent out to a globally specified device when the song is activated.
Do I get it right that to do the same for song parts, I have to add a MIDI out block to every rackspace used, configure the hardware and add a custom message to every song part used or am I missing some simpler way?

You can use either a MidiOut Block (via a handle) or you can specify an actual Midi Output device name, the latter does not require you to insert a MidiOut Block in each rackspace

That certainly helps, thanks!

@dhj Follow-Up:
Is it impossible to send Bank Selects along with the PC?

You can send arbitrary MIDI commands out. See example image — ‘foo’ is the name of a MIDI output device, followed by a bank select (CC0) and a program change. If you needed the LSB bank select, then you would include XB0 32 4 (where 4 is the LSB bank select value you want)