Sending PC on song part change?

Im seeking to send out Program Changes according to the song part numbers. I found this:

For Song changes, I can plain assign a program change number that is sent out to a globally specified device when the song is activated.
Do I get it right that to do the same for song parts, I have to add a MIDI out block to every rackspace used, configure the hardware and add a custom message to every song part used or am I missing some simpler way?

You can use either a MidiOut Block (via a handle) or you can specify an actual Midi Output device name, the latter does not require you to insert a MidiOut Block in each rackspace

That certainly helps, thanks!

@dhj Follow-Up:
Is it impossible to send Bank Selects along with the PC?

You can send arbitrary MIDI commands out. See example image — ‘foo’ is the name of a MIDI output device, followed by a bank select (CC0) and a program change. If you needed the LSB bank select, then you would include XB0 32 4 (where 4 is the LSB bank select value you want)

Strange, but it doesn’t work over here. The PC in the song properties are working fine, but my Yamaha CP88 doesn’t respond to this song part PC message. Nothing happens as if it doesn’t send anything (Gig Performer 3.8.0).

I’ve created an empty rackspace with only the midi out block (with handle outToSynth) connected to the CP88 midi port 1. The PC I’d like to make is:
PC 8, MSB 63, LSB 14.

Hope you can help!

Thanx in advance.

What should happen on the CP88 when this messages are sent?

When I take a look on the Data List in CP88/CP73 Owner’s Manual
no LSB 15 does exist.
The max LSB I can see is 9
And the max PC number is 8

It should go to bank 15, program 8.
In the song properties I had to go to Bank 8078. (128x63 + 14)

How does your song part properties look like?

With this you are sending out only a PC message, no MSB and no LSB

I know but still the Yamaha doesn’t respond.
I’ve tried the version with xB0 MSB en LSB but nothing

Try this:

Nothing. As if the connection is bad

Ok, I found the trick…
gig performer starts counting from 0 not 1. So I had to fill in xC0 7. 8 should be 9 which doesn’t exists.

Thanx so much for your time and help!

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As long as we’re on it: is it possible to (one song part) send different PC to multiple ext synths?

For example: I have three synths attached to my gig performer. Can they all get a different Program Change?

In the Settings menu, under Global MIDI Settings, there’s an option to have GP use zero based PC numbers. Uncheck the box, and your PC numbers should align with your Yamaha again—I think :slight_smile:

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Yes. Just add another block for the other synth, give it a different handle and you can do things like

out1: xB0 07 64; out2: xB0 64 0

where out1 and out2 are your MIDI Out blocks.