Sending PC and bank select change from GP to hardware synth

Hello All!
Please, if you could help me. I know how to send PC numbers out to my Triton Extreme but I can’t figure out how to send bank select change and also switching from a Combi to a Program sound and vice versa. I love my OLD triton and I’d like to keep using it until I build up my VST library.
Thanks again!

You can include the MIdI out plugin in the rackspaces which is for your External hardware.
The you can define midi messages which should be sent when the rackspaces is activated.
Bank select messages are just cc messages.
CC0 and CC32

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GP can do it :wink: but I think you need some SysEx MIDI Messages.

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Hi @MusicalPT, welcome to the GP community. If your Triton is sending PC via MIDI when you select your patch, you can grab them using the following Scriptlet and which can be associated tp a GP variation such that it changes the path on your Triton when the variation is selected:

It is also interesting to have a look at this nice blog article:


Then it will be a bit more tricky :grimacing:

I looked into controlling a Triton VST- although I never completed it. I think you just need to send Program change codes and bank changes. Various documents are available on the Internet - try Googling Triton Extreme Parameters or Triton Extreme Program Change.

Try asking for advice on the Korg forums at: KORG FORUMS - Discussion Forums

The attached might help:
ProgramChangeCodes.txt (1.6 KB)

Thanks to all for the suggestions!
I have spent quite a bit of time on this and here is what I found.
-I can use the MIDI out block to send PC and Bank Select changes to my Triton Extreme.
-However, I also want to change from Program sounds to Combi sounds in the TE. I added a sysex command in the extra box to send to the TE and it does correctly switch from Prog<>Combi. I can’t have sysex for Prog and sysex for Combi in the same rackspace because it seems I can’t have different sysex in variations in the SAME rackspace. In other words for different rackspaces, I can have sysex commands for Programs or Combis but not both. The sysex string I entered in GP for Program is F0 42 30 50 4E 02 F7 and for Combi F0 42 30 50 4E 00 F7
-Another problem I found was when I change rackspaces, one with Program sysex and another for Combis, the program change # doesn’t get to the TE so the patch doesn’t change to the sound I want. For example, if I have patch # 10 in the Program section, the TE will change to Combi patch #10 even if I have entered a different patch number in the Midi out block. So it’s not getting the PC # command.
-I was able to figure out how the send Bank Select changes from the Midi out block. On the TE, if you have the Midi Map set of ‘KORG’ in the Global settings, the MSB=0 and LSB varies depending on what bank you want. (0=bank A, etc)
So, I still trying to figure out how to get the TE to respond to PC changes when it is also switching from Program to Combi.


Thanks for the scriptlet. Here is what I found. (And some of the problems I found may be my own fault, just knowing what I’m doing since I’m learning as I go)
The PC and Bank Select sends work great.
For some reason I still need to have the local control turned on the TE to get any sound out of the Kybd. Without the scriptlet, I can turn off local control of the triton’s kybd and still get a sound. I would think this is better since in theory when I use GP to route MIDI coming from the TE and then back to it, the sound is triggered by the incoming MIDI messages to the TE. I don’t want the TE sound to be triggered by the keys on the keyboard AND the incoming MIDI signal from GP. Does that make sense to you? It might be me.
-I couldn’t get the MIDI learn to work for Program Change commands. So I have to manually enter the PC # in the scriptlet. For bank select commands, MIDI learn did work. I could select different banks on the TE and they would register in the scriptlet. Thanks for the Scriptlet it is very helpful for PC and Bank Select changes within the same rackspace… Dan

What I did in my pre-GP-era was to have all needed stuff as Combis in my Triton. I.e. if i needed a dedicated Program I created a Combi with only containing this program…

Edit: I still do this kind of memory management in my Forte SE to avoid switching between Programs and Multis which is quite similar :wink:

This mean that for any reason, no Program Change comes to the Scriptlet. You can open a GP Global MIDI Monitor to check if it is produced by the TE. If it is, have a look here to try to figure out why it doesn’t come into the Scriptlet:

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