Sending Out MIDI Program changes

Hi - newbie here. So I’ve figured out how to send a program change to my external keyboard (Nord Stage 3) when a song changes in the set list. GREAT! However, two questions:

  1. It seems like you are limited to one MIDI out and one channel for program changes? How could I send multiple program changes out for a song on different MIDI channels and different MIDI outputs? and different set-up per song?

  2. Is there any way to get it to send the program change as you are picking the PC/MSB/LSB in the dialog? It would be nice to see it changing on the external keyboard as I use the arrows to move the numbers.


Hi @kbmatson, welcome to the family.

You can send more than 1 PC message, you can send all messages you want:

Bank Select messages are just CC0 and CC32

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Hi and thanks! However - that seems to be part of the rackspace as opposed to part of the song? I might have 6 or 7 songs that use the same rackspace but need to send out different combinations of program changes on different channels. Is that possible or do I have to go with a “one rackspace per song” approach to accomplish this? THANKS!

Using widgets corresponding to PC settings, you could probably do what you want. I am looking for users who could test this Scriptlet and you could be a nice candidate :wink:

Let me know if it works for you… well, let me know if it works at all :grimacing: :innocent:

You can define Midi Messages to be sent when a Song Part is activated :wink:

My hope to have somebody testing my Scriptlet suddenly vanished :flushed:

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That’s life


Thanks - that is very good except that there is no MSB/LSB option to get to the higher number programs!

Just send cc0 and cc32 before the pc message
cc0 and cc32 are for bank select

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You could also like to test the learn option of my Scriptlet… :nerd_face::innocent:

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LOL! Sorry - being new at this, that might be a little advanced for me right now!

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Ok- thanks - very helpful!

Hi. I’m no expert, but this is what I do.

I use one rackspace per song. I have 21 sets containing 19 songs (19 = one hours playing) and adding more sets all the time.

I send program changes over a wireless network from my iPad using an app called OnSong (OnSong is my master midi controller). I carry a wireless router to the gig (at present, it is a BomeBox)

Each set uses a number i.e Guitar set 1, Guitar set 2, etc. When I send a PC from OnSong, it consists of the pgm number plus the bank number that matches the set number as follows:

  • Guitar Set 1 - PC# 23 / bank 1
  • Guitar set 11 - PC#13 / bank 11
  • Set 14 - PC# 21 / bank 14
  • Set 15 - PC#75 / bank 15

The bank numbers match the set numbers. This helps me locate which set the song is in both in OnSong and GP. Simple and works for me. I don’t use GP’s built in set list function at all, mainly because I had heaps of songs all done before the set list function was introduced, and also because each of my rackspaces is a complete song independent from everything else within GP.