Sending Label Value To Touch OSC?

Hi all.

Trying to get a GP label to send its value to a label in Touch OSC.

I have a label widget set to System Actions > 84 - GetGlobalTranspose

and i have successfully synced the label in touch osc to this label in GP

In GP, it is showing the global transposition which is whole numbers like 1, 4, -3, whatever transposition it’s set at like it should.

In Touch OSC, it is getting the value of which that transposition is, which is like 44.6-56.3. And that number is displaying in Touch OSC.

is there a code to where i can say: If the label value is (blank) then set OSC (address) text to (blank)

or alternatively, to have GP send the caption that is being displayed already present in GP. Example: Send GP caption to OSC (address)

note: should’ve probably titled this “Send Caption To Touch OSC” because Im trying to display a caption or custom caption based on a value. Touch OSC is already getting the value which is not representing the actual transposition by half steps

If you define a handle for a widget and enable OSC, the widget sends its label caption automatically

i can set it to send bootlean, string, etc

i need to send a string message at a specific value.

what is “it” ?

You said you wanted to send a widget label to Touch OSC. All widgets can send their current captions out over OSC.

What are you trying to set? What does boolean have to do with anything?

Assuming you have set your ports appropriately do the following

Create your widget, map it to whatever parameter you want. Check the “Show Value in Caption” option in the General section of the Widget Properties


Then go to the Advanced section of the widget properties, give the widget an OSC handle (e.g. fader1) and enable OSC. Note that the actual message sent out representing the value of the will be /fader1/SetValue

However, the address of the caption of the widget will be /fader1Name and the argument will just be a string


Create a label in TouchOSC and set its OSC message to /fader1Name TEXT


That’s it


ah. See I did not know i had to put “Name” in the Touch OSC field. I was simply copying “SetValue”, and that would set the value. lol

Where did you find out that argument for Touch OSC?

also I was talking about Boolean because when I matched the address with /Name/SetValue, it was sending a Boolean value as a string text.


I suppose TouchOSC only tried to interpret the float form GP as the string it was supposed to display, which probably resulted in something lookin like a Boolean…