Sending and receiving sysex messages scriplets

Hello everyone,
I started experimenting with GP and some time ago I posted a vst plugin as a good solution for sysex communication.
However, I found out on this forum that GP is the best solution.
I have a Korg Kronos and I need to control several internal functions via a midi controller.
Today, all sold controllers do not communicate with sysex data (except Roland A-Pro, but it has small keys for me).
So I decided to try to create something simple with GP.
I created simple scriptlets for sending SySex messages from GP to a midi instrument.
All the scripts are in the scriptlets.
My next goal is communication from a Korg Kronos to GP widgets and then via CC to the midi controller.
If you have any ideas on how to do this, please post in this forum
thanks to all of you

Widgets to SySex.gig (265.9 KB)


Are you looking to convert SysEx messages comming from the Kronos into CC message?

This is is a Gig Script I used to use to inject Sysex into a CC value (which can then be assigned in the rig manager and widget mapped in a panel). The sysex was from a NumaOrgan2 (“no2” in this script).

var no2 : MidiInDevice
    ccm : ControlChangeMessage
On SysexEvent (sysex : SysexMessage) from no2
 if SM_GetValue(sysex, 5) == 1 then
  ccm = MakeControlChangeMessage(50, 0)
  ccm = MakeControlChangeMessage(50, 127)
 InjectMidiEvent("Local GP Port", ccm)