Sending a modulation message to Kontakt 5 without a keyboard


I’m using a guitar controller without a mod wheel. There is a patch I have loaded into Kontakt 5 where I would like to set the mod wheel on full, but the mod wheel always defaults back to zero when I load the gigfile. I’ve tried sending cc#1 to GP using a slider but I can’t midi learn the mod wheel in Kontakt. What am I missing for this to work?


Try this:


So, a knob works but a fader won’t? I’ll try it tomorrow.


I just had a closer look. I clicked directly on Kontakt in the rh pane, but did you click in the midi in block?


First: A fader should also work.
Normally host automation should be used.
When you assign the widget to Kontakt you should get a list with parameters you can use.
When the ModWheel is not available you should try to make a host automation within Kontakt.
When this is not possibly then you can send the controller Message (shown in my screenshot above) to the Midi In plugin which is connected to Kontakt.
This way for example the Midi CC message 1 is sent to the Midi In Pluging which sends it to Kontakt.
Hope I could explain.


I didn’t see a second screen shot. I only saw one. Where is the second ss?


I only sent 1 screenshot


I will make a short movie tonight


Here a video

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Hi PianoPaul,
This will just not work for me. Ive always managed to get midi learn to work before, but never in Kontakt.
I’ve looked at your video several times and noticed a few things:
1 You don’t click on “Learn parameter” bottom right. Why is this?
2 My Kontakt opens up with a window your doesn’t have (I’m on Windows) on the left hand side. It says, host automation or midi automation. I then says midi cc#1 “Not assigned”. Do I choose host or midi? It than says drag to a knob or fader. Is this in GP or Kontakt?
Sorry but I’m very confused here.


This is a Kontakt issue, not a Gig Performer one. Kontakt can respond to both MIDI and Host Automation messages. However, in both cases, if an instrument parameter in Kontakt is not already associated with a MIDI or Host Automation parameter you have to do that association in Kontakt. Please review the Kontakt manuals for information on how to do that.

Once you’ve done that, you can arrange for Gig Performer to send one or the other.


Learn is not necessary, beause in Kontakt Host Automation for modwheel is not available.
The widget just sends CC 1 to Kontakt via the connected MIDI In.


Oh, I see. That’s quite different to any other plugin I’ve used. I’m not that familiar with Kontakt and find it quite clunky to use. In fact the plugin I’m trying to run in Kontakt (RealiLadies) loads so slowly that I might not be able to use it as a live instrument, even though I’ve done a batch resave. When GP arrives at the gigfile in the rack, loading stops dead for 30 seconds or so, which is not good for live playing. That aside, I appreciate the time you put in PianoPaul explaining what to do. Many thanks.


Hi again PianoPaul, I Just thought of something else. I have an old 32bit plugin that I’m running under jBridge (not in Kontakt). The plugin has a large stop button but it won’t allow GP to learn it to a button switch widget. Would your method of using the midi in block also work in this case, or does it only work for Kontakt based plugins?


Does this plugin have midi automation?
When it has, you can try following:
Create a Widget, send a cc message from that widget to the Midi In Block connected to your widget.
Then in the pluging acticate Midi Learn (or whatever it is called in your plugin) and then move the widget, so the plugin listens on that CC Message.