Send Midi Time to External Workstation


Using another VST live host (which will remain nameless) that I am replacing with GP, I am able to explicitly send midi clock to an external host (in this case a Roland Fantom X7). Is there something I need to explicitly do to get this to send to the appropriate midi ouput? I can’t seem to find this as an option in the midi output plugin settings.

Of course, once the midi file player that did not quite make the GP3 release comes out, this would be a moot point :slight_smile:, however I am trying to completely replace my old host for the show I’ll be playing May 4, 2019, so I don’t think that will be an option in this case.




While we don’t yet have the option to send the MIDI clock out, we do support Ableton Link.
There are apps that are Link and MIDI enabled creating a bridge. If you’re able to use that app you could simply enable Link on it and in GP and as GP tempo changes - the app will sync automatically and send MIDI clock out as well.

May be a patch solution until we implement MIDI clock out functionality



I am using Link with Gig Performer and Ableton - works perfect.