Send midi sequence to my Rev2

Hello there,

I’ve just composed a little sequence in eightnotes, and I would like to be able to stop playing it at some point, and just launch it so that it plays back on my rev2.
Is there a way to do that that’s not too hard ?
Thank you guys

Do you want to send a midi sequence to your rev2 ?
Or do you want to stop/start the step-sequencer builtin rev2

or sending a specific message

found this, maybe controller 95 can be used:

Hello :slight_smile: I want to send a midi sequence to the rev2

You could use Toontrack EZ Player as a plugin to send out Midi Data.

Thank you, and how do you get it ? Do I have to pay something ?

Yes, it is not free, but a good multitrack player

I think they’ve discontinued it unfortunately.

I looked for EZ Player as well but couldn’t find it. Aren’t there plans for a built in midi file player in a future GP release?

Yes, impossible to find for me too.

Sorry, seems it is no longer available.

No problem…and no what can I do ? :slight_smile:

You could render the audio produced from your REV2 and use that audio file in audio player.
You can trigger playback of each channel in Audio Player.

Do you have a DAW?
I am using Ableton Live to do such tasks.

Another option could be Machine from Native Instruments as a plugin within Gig Performer
Another option EZ Keys from Toontrack

I’ve been looking at IKs Sample Tank 4 and downloaded the free version. It has a built in midi file player.