Send current widget states?

Touch osc question

Hi group, is there a way for gp to send state of widgets and plugins to touchosc on opening a gigfile/rackspace?

In my current osc-iteration, i have to touch the widgets to get them updated.

What happens when you switch between rackspaces?

This should happen automatically. Just to check, with GP 4.58 I created a simple gig file with three rackspaces, each containing a single widget, called Sticky (because I mapped it to the Sticky parameter of a MIDI In block)

When I open Gig Performer and load that gig file, I see the following sent out immediately - as you can see, the last two entries are the value and the name of the widget.

I don’t know what you mean by states of plugins though.


Thanks, yes, i think i might have figured this out now.
I have a looper in the global rackspace that i control by midi cc from my midi pedal. I noticed that the status of the latching controls (play/record/reverse) were not displaying correctly in touch osc, and just as i had written this question i noticed they were simply not working at all in touch osc.

So a short follow up would be if this is the case, that osc works only to the current rackspace and can not be used to control global rackspace parameters?

What i mean by state of plugins is that sometimes the latching widget is not reflecting the state of its target plugin button/switch.

I havent been able to pinpoint excavtly, but sometimed all seams right, i play into the looper, hit my pedal to continue in overdub mode and the looper is silent because the playbutton is inactive, which hasent been reflected on the widget on screen. So i find myself opening and closing the gui to be sure everything is set as it should before starting. Embarrassing moment when everything is totally silent…:slightly_smiling_face:

This might relate ti quirks in melda superlooper, or that its not clever of me to use the global rackspace for this?

I now made a workaround for osc by mapping widgets on the current rackspace though the to global rackspace block. Still the widgets and my osc screen needs a toggle or two before i feel confident. I’ll keep playing around with this and see if i can find a pattern. Im sure its user error… and that i’ll be having a ‘dooooh’ moment pretty soon…:slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t tell if you’re talking about GP or TouchOSC?

It might be worth removing TouchOSC from the equation and confirming that you have no problems with just GP and MSL.

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.
Im kind of discovering things as i go here, and this seams to be happening with the widgets that are mapped to widgets within the global rackspace. I havent done an extensive test of msl within a local rackspace with local widgets.
Osc is updating per state of displayed local widgets. Problem is sometimes the local widgets look like playback function is on, but when opening the gui of msl, its not. I hit the widget a couple of times and its in sync.

But as mentioned, there could be a ‘dooooh’ moment arriving…which by no means would be a first for me…:sunglasses:

I have messed with MSL several times over the past few years and always had problems with it. I might get it to work well for a few hours, then the next day it just does work.

I have not tried the latest. If memory serves they’re on 16 now. I last tried with 15 and just gave up in frustration.

In my experience, it’s better off putting MSL in a DAW-type app (I use multiple instances of it in Reaper), with sound routed from GP. It plays much better in that environment.

What is MSL?