Send a drone note from iPad to UVI Workstation

Here’s is a problem I can’t solve. I want to trigger a drone bass note using only an iPad. I have the UVI workstation running Plugsound Pro and I’d like to send a bass note of G1, have it sustain for a set number of seconds then switch off. Is there a way using only a iPad, as my usual controller is tied up doing other stuff. I’ve tried a widget but I can’t use host automation for note on/ off as the keys don’t respond to a right click midi learn. Help please?

I don’t understand this… :thinking:
Using a widget assigned G1 parameter of a MIDI in block plugin, you can play a G1 note on/off.
You can also MIDI learn the same widget with any CC# to control it from your iPad.

By the way what do you use from the iPad side to control GP? (which app, MIDI or OSC control?)

Not a direct answer to your question, but if the tempo is pretty well defined and static, you could sample the note and just trigger the sampled note as a “one shot” sample from a sample player VST.
I do that with some of my songs. Just a work around suggestion.

I use wireless midi. The keyboard in the midi block will trigger the note when I uses my mouse, but only when I click and hold then drag sideways. I was hoping to midi learn that keyboard in the midi block and assign a widget to that. I have found a virtual keyboard vst (Virtual Piano Midi Keyboard) and am going to try that.

I had thought of that but just not sure how to do the sampling. Any suggestions?

I use Kontakt as my sample playback VST, but there are other alternatives. You can use their free “player” to playback samples or Zampler is a freeware vst sampler.

I also use the freeware “Audacity” to record and edit samples, then export them as wav files to import into the sampler VST programs.
Hope that helps.

Ok. I have both Kontact and Audacity. So the recording is done outside of GP? I guess the standard audio player within GP could be used instead of Kontact to play the samples exported as wavs out of Audacity. Thanks for the info.

You should absolutely be able to learn a MIDI Note number and associate it with a widget. Why are you not able to do this?

Problem solved. It was a wireless connection when trying to use my home router. I connected the router I use when on a gig, and all was good.
Incidentally, I didn’t need a widget - the note was triggered directly from the iPad through the midi in block after I added #cc64 sustain on, two second delay, then #cc64 sustain off. There is probably a simpler way, but this works.