Second gig with GP was a success

Last weekend I had my second gig using GP. Actually, everything went fine, both related and unrelated to GP. It’s a yearly gig we organize for charity in our local vicinity. 450 people showed up and more than 10K (Euro) was raised. In the next months I have another 4 or 5 gigs coming up, looking forward to all of them.

Still using my global rackspace script which works. I know I’m a bit ‘silent’, as I spend most of my free time working on the extension doing the same, but much better. The first version is currently ‘under testing’ after writing around 9,000 lines of code :slight_smile:

I will share it when it is more stable of course.
And my list of new ideas is growing faster than I can implement :slight_smile:



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The answer is 42 :wink:


Number of (mini) bug fixes ? I think I already succeeded that number :slight_smile: