Scriptlet: Velocity Trap

Hey friends,

On rare occasions my keyboard controller sends a note at a velocity of 127, even if I am playing softly. Not sure why, but it seems that it only happens if I touch one of the sliders or velocity pads, causing it to send a MIDI message, then the next note randomly comes out LOUD. It happened one too many times during a nice soft part and I decided to do something about it.

Fortunately, GP4 offers scriptlets, which seemed perfect for the job. I am sharing with the community – you may not need the exact same thing but you may want to do something similar. You’re free to use it, modify it, whatever.

Looking forward to version 4.5!

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Scriptlet VelocityTrap.txt (2.5 KB)


What controller?

It’s an original KeyLab 88. I reported the issue and Arturia updated the firmware years ago. It happens a lot less now but it’s really unfortunate when it does. I’ve heard from other owners that they experience the same problem.

Such that I understand well… It is a note you really played, but the velocity is wrong and set to 127, right?

Yes, when the problem occurs the MIDI note is correct but the velocity is 127 instead of what I actually played. This script represents a simple way to detect threshold velocity events and replace with a more typical velocity. I made the threshold configurable because the scriptlet is positioned after the MIDI In block where I generally scale my velocity to a smaller range, so max velocity that the script sees might only be 112 or similar.

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