Scriptlet to send out a second note in the future using BPM as a reference

Here’s a trivial scriptlet that will send out a second note a short time later but using a parameter and the BPM to control the delay.

I’m sure it could be much improved but I spent approximately 2 minutes building this!

BPM Driven Note Duplicator.gpp_internal (1.3 KB)


Fun project. It does need some polishing, as the repeated note will not occur if the note played is held beyond the delay point.

It would be great to have this evolve into a replication of the midiNoteRepeater plugin from pizmidi .


Give him an inch and he will take a yard :wink:

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As I said, I spent literally two minutes to hack that up — feel free to improve on it. I just built this in response to a query that came into our facebook page for a way to quickly repeat a note.