Scriptlet to Activate upon Song-Part Change & Modify Settings Automatically

Happy New Year to all the musician gods and Gig Performer gurus, I wish you health and happiness in the new year!

A quick question for an Elton John song I’m trying to humbly recreate - Funeral for a Friend. The scriptlet I was hoping for was to recreate the swell in a couple of synthisizers at about the 40 second mark of the song heard hear. Funeral for a Friend - Elton John

So what I’m trying to accomplish is when I switch to the song part that has the next two synths activated, I would like the swell to begin and turn up to maximum automatically.

If a visual helps, here’s a snapshot of the rackspace, and I’m looking for: a) script to start on change in song part; b) script to turn up the effects/swell on two synth VSTs represented by the two knob widgets shown here.

As always, I appreciate all of you here and all of the help and advice you have for your fellow musicians. God bless and Happy New Year to all!

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This scriptlet i made could be the solution…
add the widgets to your rackspace according to the example, then just make a variation for that particular song part where the trigger widget is set to ON.


Thank you, @schamass, for the quick reply! I look forward to trying this out first thing tomorrow. I will report back to let everyone know how it works.

Happy New Year!

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Just an update, thanks to @schamass, his scriptlet and gig worked great! I copied the widgets and the Auto Move block into my own gig. I made sure the widget assignments matched his example gig, and I had already grouped my two synth variation knobs to Group A, which was the same as the scriptlet.

Bottom line: It works perfectly! I set the trigger button to “on” for the rackspace variation, and during performance of the song, when I switch to that variation, the auto move scriptlet kicks in and does as it is programmed.

Thanks again, @schamass, very clever programming, and very generous of you to share your talents here.