Script that selects song name for rack panel

I am transitioning to GP for my Setlist management.

I am curious is it possible to create a script that will allow me to create one rack space that will read the current song name from the setlist and display it on a panel, like in a text label, on that rack space. This will be mainly used for instances where the rack space is empty and the song is primarily selecting the appropriate program from my keyboard.

I realize it’s a little redundant with the song name at the top, but even a 2U panel with song name is much quicker to identify in a fast-paced show.

I currently do this with multiple empty rack spaces (35) and just trying to eliminate some clutter. Thank you

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I do not really understand the requirement.
We have rackspace view and setlist mode.
Why show the current selected song name in rackspace view?

Personal preference - it’s bigger, quicker to view to make sure I have the right song/rack selected. I have only 1 to 2 seconds between songs to make sure I’m in the correct song/rack space as we only do a four count click count off between songs. The brownish/ orange color scheme doesn’t pop for me, I wish there was some choices for that too.

I am wanting to switch to GP for all my Setlist management. I use GP to host a few soft synths (song dependent). I also use it to host S gear for my guitar.

I was using Camelot Pro for setlist management and GP for everything else. There is a short rig rundown video on my website that may help


What you would like is still not very clear to me. Do you want to have the song title displayed, say in a huge text label, on the current rackpanel? :thinking:

Picture 1 is typical set up with widgets etc… , I prefer picture 2 type set-up ( I don’t use rackspace widgets, as most of my sounds come from a Nord or yamaha board). I can currently do it, but I must have a rackspace per song for this. If you look closely at picture 2 there are 61 rackspaces for this gig. 45 of those are just empty (panels only, no vsts etc. just to match up with my setlist to get the rack display I want). The other 16 are combination of guitar amps and soft synths.

My question is - Is it possible, using GP Script, for a rackspace to read the song name from the setlist and display it in a text label on a panel of your rack. For me this would eliminate 45 empty rackspaces, and have only 1. Cleans up the gig quite a bit if it is possible.

I have another gig of 50 songs I am setting up and trying to smooth out my process.


Also, I know it seems overly redundant as the title is at the top. However, when all you have time for is a quick glance over to ensure everything has changed appropriately, having a big rackspace with huge title helps a lot.

Sure, yes! I’m displaying the current song with a big label on a global rackspace panel, as the GP song name font is too small for me (having my laptop hidden 5 meters away in the side fill (musicians with laptops visible on stage are not cool for the groupies)).

In the global rack, add a “System Actions” block.
Then, in the global panel editor for a text label, link it to the “System Actions” block, parameter “Song Name”. Activate “Show Value in Caption”, and you’re done.


Awesome, that works great, thanks!! do you know if there’s anyway to view the globe rack space on top versus below the song rack space?

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Not yet. Might be a feature request :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I agree and I also hope they give some options to change the overall theme color

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No need to do it in the Global Rackspace I think, you can do it in the local rackspace, but you will have to do it in every local rackspace. To make things easier, if you have to to it for all existing rackspaces, you can save a one unit panel with the text label in it, but you will have to do the system actions stuff for all rackspaces. If you are starting from scratch than prepare one rackspace, duplicate it and customize it, it will be quicker.