Script Logger Window opens on every startup, why?

As a programmer, I have experiment scripting in GP. I use the “Print” function in the “code behind” almost everywhere to see the trace of what is running/executing and in which order etc… The Script Logger is very useful for this.

But even when I don’t need the script logger to be open it keeps opening on every startup of the program. I went through the option tabs and there are no setting for this behavior. I would like to open this window when needed not ALWAYS like it does by itself on startup.

Also it would be great if we had the option to always record the log in a log file so we can further open it in a text editor to do research and compare. Both script editor and logger are very limited.

One last observation, I use multi display and the program don’t always open in the last position. I use display 1 as main display and I like to have GP in display 2. Even if I save my rackspace in display 2 and close the program from display 2, 50% of the time upon next opening GP shows in display 1 and 50% in display 2. It does not always remember last position.


When it opens, does it display anything? The script logger will generally open automatically if there is an error or warning? It will also open if your script calls the OpenLogWindow() procedure.

No I don’t call OpenLogWindow() in my script.
I use the Print function though at many places. Its always useful as mentioned in my original post. Does the Print function force the logger window to open?
Is there the opposit of OpenLogWindow I could call to close it ? (like CloseLogWindow?)
Finally, no my script doesn’t return any error message.



But you didn’t answer the question as to whether there is anything displayed there, other than as a consequence to Print statements. Also, are you on a Mac or on Windows?

No, it does not display anything other then the numerous Print statements I have in my script.

I am on Windows.


Does the script logger window open when you are using just the normal monitor?

Yes, actually, most of the time, both windows open on my main monitor, the script logger on top of the main GP window.

I have done a test and commented out all my Print statements and the logger opens empty.


Oh wait,

when you just start Gig Performer, does the script logger window open?
Or does it open when you load your gig?

Yes logger opens when I start GP. Whether I start GP with or without the option “Load last GIG file on startup”.

Once GP is started, after I closed the logger window, if I open another GIG file, the logger don’t open.

It’s not a big deal but I was wondering if it was a known issue and/or if other users had seen this behavior before.

Thanks !

what version of GP are you using?

I got it figured out !!

If I maximize the logger windows, even if I close it before I exit PG, when I restart PG the logger windows comes back.

But if I minimize (normal view) the logger, next time I relaunch GP the logger don’t come back.

Strange behavior but I reproduced it several time in a row alternatively and this is my conclusion.

It stroke my mind thinking that I have been using logger always maximized all that time before I moved it in the corner of my screen instead.

Case solved ! :slightly_smiling_face:


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I can confirm this behavior in the Windows version (it’s a small bug).

  • Open GP

  • Open Script Logger and Maximize the window

  • Close Script Logger

  • Close GP

  • Open GP

The Script Logger window returns upon opening, fully maximized.

On Mac I cannot reproduce