Script for sending CC messages delayed and on all midi channels


Here a perfect script/gig from @pianopaul for sending out CC delayed and on all midi channels.
If you, like me, are sending PC message out in setlist mode through sysex (extra info), the CC widgets are send before the PC. So I had to delay the CC messages.

CCDelayed.gig (9.4 KB)

“you have to set your physical MIDI Out, I tested with Netzwerk Session
The Idea is:
Map your widget to the IAC-Bus 1 Out and your desired CC number
A callback in the script reacts on incoming CC messages in IAC-Bus 1 and sends out the cc Message delayed to the MIDI Out.”

The script:
MCC : MidiInBlock
i : Integer

On ControlChangeEvent(m : ControlChangeMessage) from MCC

for i = 1; i<17; i=i+1 do
WithChannel(m, i),

Thanx to @pianopaul !

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