Script for save button in setlist


usually I do not want to touch the scripting… but may it can help to solve my problem.

I would like to be able to push the little save button when I am in the setlist wirering.
The reason for that; I can change settings/ laudnes for different instruments with a controler during our playing. If I will not save it before I switch to another variation or song, the setting is gone.
The disc button is very small and I need to use a mouse, this is not very handy if you are playing piano at the same time :wink:


You know “System Actions” Plugin?

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Yes, this is exactly what I do myself….i have a big button in the global rackspace that invokes that Save……it’s very handy.

Thanks @pianopaul
sure I know… forget to have a look on that!
It will make my life much easier (even if my guitarist wants changes of his sound every week, again and again and again :sweat_smile:)

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I inserted the system action block and linked it to the TakeSnapshot function and have a widget button for that in my global rackspace in my first instance.

I control it with a XTouch mini;
with the 8 knobs I control the value of the instruments; that works fine.
Each knob has a push Funktion as well, with this I trigger the TakeSnapshot widget button.

In the controller editor I set all 8 push knobs to the same CC (channel 9; CC 3).
All works well in the first instance, very helpful!

Now the problem.
In a second instance I have the vocal routing, four mics.
I control them with layer „B“ of the controller.
The controller knobs are sending on different CC channels as the knobs of the first instance.
I put a SystemAction block in the global rackspace of the second instance as well.
If I push the knob to set the TakeSnapshot in the second instance my midi setup „collapsed“.

Is it possible that the same SystemAction blocks in two instances do not work?

What does that mean?

I guess I know what caused the problem, the synch. Setting of the widget which communicates with the system block.
At loopmidi it looks as follows.