Saving Rackspace Widget/Mixer Configuration

Hi, I have 30 songs setup ready for live all of which use the 16 input mixer.I now want to redesign the mixer layout in the rackspaces. When I’ve done this in one rackspace and have then copied it to the other rackspaces, it has copied but has then lost the widget assignments to the audio mixer. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a software limitation ? I did RTM and search the forum but couldn’t see this exact info. Thanks for any help, hoping not to have to do 30 lots of assigments :slight_smile:

Can you just duplicate the rackspace and delete/rearrange what you want?

Hi thanks for the reply, yes I can do that, but having setup 30 songs, I don’t want to then have to set everything back up again !

Yes copy&paste looses widget mapping - what is correct behaviour.
What should the system do when the mapped widget of the source is not in the destination?
What should the system do when the mapped widget exists in the destination but scripting does things which are incompatible with the mapping in the source
Many reasons for the behaviour like it is now.

Thanks for the input, will add something to features & suggestions section, cheers