Saving memory w global rackspace

I use the same front panel for most of my backspaces. It’s audio input, midi input, Kontact or Sampletank, a couple of level controls, audio out and several midi outs. I have maybe 25 backspaces like this. I wonder how much memory I would save if I put all the inputs, outputs and one of the level controls on the global rackspace? Anyone done this?

I think you will not save a lot as plugins are instanciated.
Most memory is used by loaded samples.

Are you running out of memory?

I am running out of memory and not all my plugins are reliable with predictive loading.

I saw the “trick” to save memory with Kontact Samples so I may try that, but I’m looking at all possible solutions- including a new Mackook with 24gb or 32gb of memory. First I have to get off that 32bit sampletank I’m still using for certain rackspaces.