Saving Issue, empty .gig files


I have an issue with saving, seems to have started after updating to 4.7.

If I start a new project, add some plugins and wiring.
then ‘save’ I end up with a 40kb file or so.
if I close and reopen the file is empty.

I’m having projects that work, I use multiple instances.
Lost a ton of work last weeks.

Anybody has a clue? Thank you

Odd: If I open a 40kb .gig file from the browser it’s empty,
if I open it from ‘file’ > ‘open recent’ it seems to work.
if I then ‘save as’ and open this file from my browser or from ‘open’ it is empty.


Disk permissions?

What happens when you create a new user account?

See here: [blog] Optimize your Mac for a gig - #16 by npudar

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The gig file is not empty. It just doesn’t actually open the gig file when you try and open it from Finder (so you get the default empty gig). Same thing happens to me.

Ah yes, thank you, that helps.
After opening a project via GP’s ‘open’ it works, but
if I then open an instance from the dropdown, it starts empty too.

But I fixed it this morning:
In all instances in the configuration menu:
choose ‘reload the last gig on start up’

That fixed both opening directly from finder or opening instances.

Strange, but this error started to be common after 4.7 GP update. Any gig file shortcut in FInder does open empty (propably default) gig file. The only way to open proper gig file is via Open or Open Recent menu.

What could change in 4.7 the behaviour here? Or Is it somehow system based?