Sampletank crash was script related

Thank to new features in the latest gigperformer versions, I was able to add some functionality and updated the script I use in every rackspace. While updating the code and testing, I had some errors that seemed to be related to lack of ; at the end of a line. I added that at then end of all the appropriate lines of code and maybe I moved a variable from outside a callback or vice-versa.

I’d had this issue where gigperformer would crash every time I opened and closed preferences. Once these punctuation and variable scope changes were made - it works great again. No crash when changing preferences!

I am using Sampletank 3.7.1

Hmm, semicolons are completely optional, they’re there for nostalgic reasons only, so that shouldn’t have been an issue. Were you getting crashes or just compilation errors.

Also, there is a known bug in 3.2…7 where if you do a string operation in a function or callback and assign the result to a global string variable, you can actually bring the entire system down😗