Sampletank 4

Does anybody use Sampletank 4 with Gig Performer?

Yes - and you answered a question I submitted on it :wink: - search ‘SampleTank’

It works fine in Windows.

Are you happy with it?
How is the support in case of issues?

I must confess that I only use it in a simple way - the problem being that I am a sucker for a new instrument and have far more than I need. I think I must be looking for the holy grail! ST4 seems to work OK and I would say that I am happy with it - although I do find the sounds a bit thin - but that may be because I have not spent the time tweaking it. For example - it may be that the the sounds sound better in a mix than stand alone (e.g. piano). I did have trouble getting the macro function working as it did not work the same as in V3 - but IK MM came back with a solution. However, the GP forum did not seem impressed with their solution.

It did take a long while for IK MM to provide the answer to the question and it was only when I went into a strop (may only be UK phrase - but meaning ‘get annoyed’) that they came back to me to appologise and said that they had asked somebody to send a reply - but it got overlooked. But in the past they have anwered questions reasonably quickly - but how good they are with really complicated ones is an unknown.

Its not cheap - so I would be really sure its what you want - maybe listen to the demos very carefully. There are some on Youtube by Jordan Rudess. But no doubt it has a lot of depth.

Thank you for that answer.

It was crashing go in windows at first release, but havent had any problems since the update of st4