SampleTank 4 Output Channels

Does anyone know how to limit the number of output channels for the IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 plugin on GP 3.6? When I add SampleTank 4 to a rackspace as a plugin, it always creates 16 output channels. But I only need 2 (stereo left/right). I tried disabling output channels using the right-click Bus layout option, but all 16 channels appear to be “locked”, in that I cannot change or disable them. Any ideas? Not sure it is a problem having 16 output channels, but it takes up a lot of space in the rackspace back view.

Right now, there’s a global option that defines the max number of channels for ALL plugins (except audio I/O) which should work for you. A future version will have the ability to do this for individual plugins – I got bitten by this myself when I tried loading Kontakt 6 and it produced a 32 pin block :slight_smile:

Exactly what I was looking for, dhj!!! The global option works fine for me because I only want stereo left/right to feed into my Mackie Onyx 2.2 Producer audio interface for live performance. Thank you for your prompt and timely tip!!

Understood — but even though you may only need stereo output ultimately, internally, it can be very handy to use multiple pairs of outputs from multitimbral plugins such as Kontakt or SampleTank so you can process each sound separately with effects before mixing down to a stereo output.

Valid point. However, I haven’t found so far (still new to GP) that I’ve had to use much outboard processing with Arturia V Collection 7, SampleTank 4, and Hammond B-3X, which are my primary go-to plugins. They seem to have common effects like reverb, delay, chorus and flange built-in for many of their plugins. And again, I’m only using GP for live performance at this point.

Yeah - but as soon as you discover the OuterSpace reverb plugin, you’ll want to turn off those built-in reverbs :-_

Is that the one from AudioThing ($69)?

Yes - it’s gorgeous

Worth checking out, and affordable. Thanks!!